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Healthy Alternatives


Sep 26, 2019

Listen to Dr. Christine and this amazing Chiropractor, Dr. amir Rashidian, talk about his story, his work about Stress and the nervous system and his book "The Stress-Proof Life" 

Find him at
and get his book " The Stress-Proof Life" , more free education and if you are in the area,...

Sep 19, 2019

Sara Banta

Listen to Dr. Christine and Sara discuss her story, her struggles with her family's illnesses and how she helped overcome them, and how she is now helping others asa health coach with multiple health issues that often are traceable to gut health and disease.

Check out her guest blog at this link: 

Sep 12, 2019

Dr. Christine Sauer (left) and Maxine Silva (right)

For the season opener of Season 3 of "Healthy Alternatives" , Maxine and Dr. Christine are talking about Maxine's long and winding journey through life, the worst grief possible in losing a child, an abusive marriage, and transforming all that hurt in helping others,...

Sep 5, 2019

Andrea Caprio, Master transformational nutrition coach

Listen to Dr. Christine and Andrea Caprio discuss emotional eating. As an emotional eating expert and weight loss coach, Andrea helps entrepreneurs to end emotional eating so they can finally get to their perfect weight, feel confident and energetic.

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