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Healthy Alternatives


Jul 25, 2019


Kathy Bulger, RHN and Dr. Christine Sauer

Listen to us talking about issues around nutrition. Why we should choose certain foods over others. Organic food, animal rights, should we even eat animal foods? And what kind? What about grains?

The benefits of eating local, seasonal and organic. Tips and tricks around food,...

Jul 18, 2019

Ad Rassi, Uljana Zhdanov and Dr. Christine Sauer (left to right)


Listen to Dr. Christine and registered massage therapist Ad Rassi  and registered Acupuncturist and traditional Chinese Medicine doctor Uljana talk about how to treat headaches and neck and back pain (and more) with deep tissue massage, acupuncture,...

Jul 11, 2019



Listen to John Kennedy and Dr. Christine as they discuss his journey from war-torn Northern Ireland through homelessness to discovering his talent and gift of drawing, especially cartoons, and being successful and happy. How he came to Nova Scotia and donated the proceeds of 12 cartoons of famous musicians to...

Jul 4, 2019

Connor Young

Listen to Dr. Christine and Connor Young, founder of Ample Foods and another great Soul passionate about Health, Nutrition and Fitness talk about how he developed out of necessity healthy portable nutritional shakes that are tasty and convenient.

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