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Healthy Alternatives


Mar 29, 2019


Listen to Dr. Christine and Jennifer explain why mental and brain health does not only involve positive thinking, emotional stability and medication, if needed. We also need to consider the physical root causes of these illnesses as well as the spiritual connection to have long-term success.

Dr. Christine Sauer, MD...

Mar 21, 2019

Christina Marlett, BKin, BMT

Listen to Dr. Christine and Christina Marlett talk about Courageous Self-Care - what it is, what it isn't, why we need to care for ourselves to be able to care for others and why it takes courage to care for yourself, especially as a woman.

Christina believes that women have the power to...

Mar 14, 2019


Rachel C. McDermott, M.A.

 Listen to Dr. Christine and Rachel talk about her story, why she decided to become a psychologist and mental health counselor specializing in relationship issues and how she helps her clients with relationship issues. 

Rachel is a mental health therapist and counselor holding a B.A. and M.A....

Mar 7, 2019


 Melissa Kalt MD

Listen to Dr. Christine and Melissa talk about her story, how she juggles work and family and how she uses her experience to help her patients and clients craft their soul strategy and find answers.

Melissa is a Soul Strategist, physician, holistic wellness practitioner, coach, author, speaker, and...