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Healthy Alternatives


Jan 31, 2019


Mary Sanger is the lady in the front row in the middle!


Listen to Dr. Christine and long-time TaiChi Instructor Mary Sanger talk about how doing TaiChi was like "money in the bank" for her, how it helped her overcome illness faster and about the many benefits of doing TaiChi in general as well about the Fung Loy...

Jan 24, 2019

Listen to Dr. Christine and Author Leanne Bourgeois talk about her book "Intuition to Fruition - From My Inside to My Outside" Where she very candidly talks with her struggles with mental health and how she dealt with them and came out stronger!


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Jan 17, 2019

Andrea Lussing


Listen to Dr. Christine and Andrea Lussing talk about Binge-Eating and Overeating generally from her view and experience as a binge- and overeating coach.

Andrea is a personal coach who specializes in helping women overcome binge eating and overeating. To help her clients she draws on her own...

Jan 10, 2019

Rich Bontrager

Listen to Dr. Christine and Rich Bontrager talk about the Challenges he faced living with liver disease and eventually going through a liver transplant.

Rich is a business person, motivational speaker and overcame stuttering, too!

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Jan 3, 2019

Janice Burgess 


Listen to Dr. Christine and Janice Burgess talk about how to quit smoking and her work as a JB Quit Coach!

Janice Burgess is a Clinical Pharmacist, a Certified Health Coach and a Quit Smoking Coach.

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