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Healthy Alternatives


Nov 22, 2018


Listen to Dr. Christine and Bethany Perry talk about emotional and physical trauma, brain health, and more.   

Bethany transforms the lives of women and men who are challenged with emotional and physical traumas.  Her clients often come for weight loss, emotional eating, stress, anxiety, and PTSD.  


Nov 18, 2018

Brian Murray - after - and before

Listen to Dr. Christine and Brian discuss healthy food, healthy agriculture, grassfed meat, free-range chickens and why the quality of our food matters more than the quantity.

Brian is an avid researcher and applied his knowledge on himself, achieving an amazing 100 lbs+ weight loss,...

Nov 8, 2018


Michel Hindlet is  a volunteer Board Director for the Sackville Lakes Park and Trails Association
Listen to DocChristine and Michel talk about the beautiful Sackville Lakes Trails and Park, the benefits of walking and enjoying nature and that sometimes beautiful parks are closer to you than you think and know...

Nov 1, 2018

Listen to Dr. Christine and Jennifer discuss why we need to fall in love again.... with our Brain, what to do for brain health and practical tips on how to keep our brain healthy and improve our mood and general wellness.

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