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Healthy Alternatives


Aug 30, 2018

Listen to how Cynthia overcome a bad childhood, learned to cope with chronic pain and is now helping others with similar issues...

She is now even one of the administratorsof a popular Facebook group:

Chronic Pain Management Forum

Aug 23, 2018

Listen to Dr. Christine and Beverly Stickley talk about divine healing, energy and women's empowerment.

Beverly A. Stickley is a Women’s Empowerment Coach, Theta Healer Practitioner and Best Selling Author “Love Me Love Me Not”

Beverly is an Intuitive Energy Guide, Theta Healer Practitioner and Channel for the...

Aug 16, 2018

Listen to Dr. Christine and Registered Dietitian Jennalle Butcher talk about how to nourish healthy children and healthy families and what to do with "picky eaters" without becoming a short-order cook...

To reach Jennalle, contact her at:
For more...

Aug 9, 2018

Do you still think that you can't escape bad mood and depression? Did you know that some supplements, if taken the right way, in the right form and dosage, can be as effective (or more) than antidepressants without the side effects? Listen to Dr. Christine and her teammate Jennifer Goguen discuss what best to do.


Aug 2, 2018

Diana Doherty is a certified Yoga Instructor,  a registered holistic nutritionist as well as a certified nutritionist and wellness coach.

Listen to Dr. Christine and Diana talk about her story, how she became the person she is today and how she is helping others with her unique brand of mind-body-spirit connection.