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Healthy Alternatives


Jun 28, 2018


Listen to Dr. Christine and Andrew talking about why he became a chiropractor, what a modern chiropractor does and why it is so good for us to adjust the spine and adjust our nervous system that runs mostly within it. Chiropractic can reduce stress, reduce pain of all kinds and more! Help your body to heal itself!


Jun 21, 2018

Listen in as Dr. Christine and Jennifer Goguen are talking about how best to support your memory and brain health. What supplements can help? Is there a soluton for everybody?

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Jun 14, 2018


Listen in as Jeannette Folan and Dr. Christine talk about Jeannettes experiences as a highly sensitive child growing up and her work and books written for highly sensitive individuals / empaths to help them find themselves and seeing their nature as an advantage instead a weakness.

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Jun 7, 2018

Listen in as Dr. Christine Sauer and her teammate Jennifer Goguen are talking about Magnesium. What are the signs of a Magnesium deficit? Are we getting enough from food? Why do we need magnesium? What does it do in our body? If we choose to supplement, what chemical forms are best? What are the benefits? 

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